Moon Medicine for Women

Women’s Moon Medicine evenings with Evolutionary Astrologer, Jessa Walters, are opportunities to learn more about a particular astrological energy, experiment with the embodiment of that energy in your own body and share in community with open-minded, soulful women committed to growth and self-understanding.

Sunday, October 8th at Yess Yoga | 7-9 pm  | $35


The essence of high Gemini energy is a radically open, curious mind; the hunger for new information and experience; and the desire to tell about it – to communicate. Gemini has a deep affinity with language.

Gemini resonates with the element of Air and is sensitive to vibration. In this Moon Medicine, Jessa will give a short talk on Gemini and the current phase of the moon. We will experiment with the embodiment of Gemini energy through mantra (chanting) set to music. Exploring the vibrations through stillness, organic movement, our own voices and/or playing instruments (shakers, rattles and drums). The energy and intention of this mantra set to music is very Geminian: to cultivate lightness of heart and youthful energy. We will close our evening sharing with each other about our experience.

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Saturday, August 19th at Yess Yoga | 7-9 pm


Under this Lioness Moon, we gather together as women and explore the warm, spontaneous, joyful, creative, life-giving Leo energy in our bodies, minds and hearts. We explore embodiment through free-form movement to music, with intentionally chosen songs and facilitation by Jessa, intended to connect us with our innate Leonine playfulness and strength, our child-like ability to spontaneously self-express and the pure lightness of heart that can come from simply being in our bodies, moving freely.


After the movement, we will gather in a circle for Leo Authentic Show and Tell! Each of us will have the opportunity to share something we have created or are in the process of creating, such as poetry, music, artwork, dance/movement, story (any kind of creation!). One of the archetypes of Leo is the Actor, the Performer, so if there is another person’s work you wish to enact or share that reflects your authentic self, that is also an option (reciting a favorite poem or singing a song someone else has written, etc). A third option would be to spontaneously self-express/create in the moment.


Leo Moon Medicine supports each of us in building courage through risking the vulnerability it takes to come forward in the presence of others with our true selves and our creative expressions. The other half of the equation is then to each receive the healing attention, affirmation and praise from the whole group in response to our individual sharing. This loop of risking self-expression and receiving healing affirmation is what Leo Medicine is all about. Women’s Moon Medicine is led by Jessa Walters.
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