Moon Medicine for Women

Women’s Moon Medicine evenings with Evolutionary Astrologer, Jessa Walters, are opportunities to learn more about a particular astrological energy, experiment with the embodiment of that energy in your own body and share in community with open-minded, soulful women committed to growth and self-understanding.

Women’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Virgo, Element of Earth

Saturday, January 6th at Yess Yoga | 7-9 pm | $35


Virgo has long been associated with the archetype of the Virgin. In this evening’s Moon Medicine, we explore the original, pre-patriarchal meaning of Virgin: A woman WHOLE UNTO HERSELF. A woman who is free in body, mind and spirit, possessed by nothing, belonging fully to herself. A High Priestess, devoted to her sacred, earthy work, a path of meaningful service and joy through which she can continue to grow and evolve. The goal is wholeness, rather than perfection.

We explore the embodiment of this rich Virgo energy through organic movement to music, particularly honoring the music of women artists who have stayed true to themselves in their self-expression. We close our evening with a ritual where we each have the opportunity to step forward and make a statement of our wholeness, witnessed and honored by all the women in the circle.

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Saturday, November 4th at Yess Yoga | 7-9 pm | $35


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The essence of Taurus energy is sensual, natural and embodied. Taurus supports us in slowing down to get in deeper touch with our inner-animal, our gut instincts, our flesh and bones. Taurus is at home in nature and values simplicity, earthiness and beauty. Our evening together will include Gentle Yoga, guided self-massage and a ritual to invoke this Taurean energy, which will include touch/massage from others in the group. Please bring an item to place on the altar; something that expresses the all-natural, beauty-loving, earthy energy of Taurus. You can take whatever you bring back home with you.
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