Moon Medicine for Women

Women’s Moon Medicine evenings with Evolutionary Astrologer, Jessa Walters, are opportunities to learn more about a particular astrological energy, experiment with the embodiment of that energy in your own body and share in community with open-minded, soulful women committed to growth and self-understanding.

Women’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Aries, Element of Fire

Saturday, April 14th at Yess Yoga | 7-9 pm | $35


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represents the raw, primal fire of life force energy. With Aries as our teacher, we learn that we have the right to stand up for our own wants and needs. Autonomy, boundaries, assertiveness, the heat of our own passions and desires: this is the path of Aries. Building courage is the evolutionary aim. By facing our fears, taking risks, adventuring beyond the edges of our comfort zones, we embody high Aries energy and feel the fire of strength and courage intensifying in our bones.

To embody this Aries Moon energy, we will experiment with freestyle movement to music to awaken and explore our own instinctual, primal natures. There will also be drums/sound makers to engage with during the movement if you wish. Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move easily. After the embodiment, we will circle for a time of reflection and sharing.

A few days before the event, Jessa will send an email to all who have registered with more info. Registration coming soon here!

Women’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Sagittarius, Element of Fire

Saturday, February 10th at Yess Yoga | 7-9 pm | $35


Life is a daring adventure or nothing (Helen Keller) – the essence of Sagittarius. She who engages with Life as an unquenchable Quest, seeking new and diverse experience, endless expansion of her consciousness and an ever-deepening understanding of what brings her meaning and truth. Let us gather together as women on this Sagittarian Moon night and cultivate the fiery expansion of our energy through dance (organic movement to music) and then sit together in sacred circle and each share our unique philosophies based on our own varied life experience: what we believe to be true and what brings us meaning in this life. Through our open-minded, openhearted sharing and respectful, wholehearted listening, we weave together a rich, colorful tapestry of inspiration…soul food for the journey.
A few days before the event, Jessa will send an email to all who have registered with more info. Register here!

Women’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Virgo, Element of Earth

Saturday, January 6th at Yess Yoga | 7-9 pm | $35


Virgo has long been associated with the archetype of the Virgin. In this evening’s Moon Medicine, we explore the original, pre-patriarchal meaning of Virgin: A woman WHOLE UNTO HERSELF. A woman who is free in body, mind and spirit, possessed by nothing, belonging fully to herself. A High Priestess, devoted to her sacred, earthy work, a path of meaningful service and joy through which she can continue to grow and evolve. The goal is wholeness, rather than perfection.

We explore the embodiment of this rich Virgo energy through organic movement to music, particularly honoring the music of women artists who have stayed true to themselves in their self-expression. We close our evening with a ritual where we each have the opportunity to step forward and make a statement of our wholeness, witnessed and honored by all the women in the circle.

A few days before the event, Jessa will send an email to all who have registered with more info. Register here!