Tirtha Empul Temple Entrance

One of the most powerful experiences for my soul on this earthly plane is to commune with human beings who want to continuously evolve and change. Humans who want to risk who they think they are and what they think they know to be surprised, again and again, into new ways of becoming and understanding. The open mind and open heart are frequencies that make my spirit soar!

In traveling to the lush, jungle island of Bali for the 2016 Women’s Retreat this last March, we were awakened out of our daily routines and familiar environments into foreign experience; new tastes, sights, sounds, scents…new experiences of embodiment and awareness. Traveling to the other side of the world (literally) offered a built-in gateway to become intimate with explorations such as: When all routine and familiarity is stripped away, what is at the core of my being? What does my heart speak of from this place? Am I willing to risk being changed?

I have found that cross-cultural experiences and journeying to new places on this incredible earth, catalyze new awareness, both of self and other, that could never have been reached without the outer quest, the risk of leaving home.

Many of the women who came on the Bali retreat this year had never traveled internationally before. Towards the end of the trip, I heard many remarks along the lines of, “Wow! I made it all the way to Bali; I can travel anywhere now and do anything!” A strong sense of empowerment emerged from gathering the courage to embark upon the outer quest to a faraway, foreign land, completely outside of the original comfort zone.

Here is the rooftop yoga shala where we met daily for our retreat sessions filled with movement, song, stillness, sharing, creating, listening, exploring, healing, caring, learning, releasing, being…
Circle of Cushions in Shala

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Registration is now open for the 2017 Women’s Retreat in Bali.

March 23-30, 2017, which falls over the high holy days of the Balinese New Year! Early bird rates through October 31, 2016. Please find more information here