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CHIRON: Embodied Astrological Immersion – June 10, 2023 at Yoga Sanctuary Minneapolis


CHIRON: Embodied Astrological Immersion

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL. Please contact Jessa if you wish to be on the waiting list.
When: Sat, June 10, 2023
1:30-5:30pm CT
 In-person at Yoga Sanctuary in Minneapolis, MN
In this embodied astrological immersion, we explore the wound-tending, healing work we are invited to embark upon as the minor planet Chiron transits through the sign of Aries (2018-2027).
We will unpack the potential wounds characteristic to Aries energy, as well as the empowered expressions of Aries, and the specific healing medicine that Chiron in Aries brings forth.

We will explore the mythic origins of Chiron, the “wounded healer,” a centaur born half-horse, half-human, who was rejected and abandoned by his parents at birth and later wounded by a poisoned arrow, which could never fully heal. The story of Chiron centers around this wounding and how he was able to source profound empathy for himself and others, as well as great healing power from the process of compassionately, gently tending these wounds over time. Chiron became a great teacher, seer and healer, known by many throughout the land.

Discovered between Saturn and Uranus, the minor planet, Chiron, is referred to as the Rainbow Bridge, linking the inner planets and the outer planets, weaving together the personal and the transpersonal, an intermediary between the world of form and the world of the unseen. Through Chiron’s intermediary, bridging function, we uncover a deep essence of Chiron’s meaning in astrology: Chiron as portal to ancestral connection and healing. Chiron in our birth charts reveals the potential nature of ancestral/intergenerational wounds that we may be carrying in this lifetime that are ready and calling to be tended. As we tend the wound, layer by layer, not only might we experience healing, so might our ancestors.
All who attend this immersion are invited to bring an item or items which hold or represent the energy of your ancestors and perhaps the lineage wound(s) you are working with/tending/healing in this lifetime. There will be time to share about what you bring, if you wish.

Our time together will include:

–Chiron in myth and astrology
–An agency/choice-centered Trauma-Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga practice (gentle yoga)
–Guided meditation
–Time for reflection/integration through artwork/journaling/rest/movement to music
–Personal sharing
All who attend will receive an “Ancestor Eye” made by Minneapolis-based artist, Josie Stromseth. Josie writes, “These are what I call Ancestor Eyes. They are made with love and soft qualities to remind us we are being looked out for by those who have positive intentions for us. They can also remind us to have some compassion for ourselves and each other on our way to becoming an ancestor ourselves.”
Space is limited.
This event is open to all womxn + genderqueer folks.


Sliding Scale:
Please submit either your nonrefundable deposit ($25) OR your full payment to reserve your spot: 
Venmo – @Jessa-Walters
Zelle – 612-916-4784
Check or cash
If you submit the $25 deposit, the remainder of your balance is due by Sat, May 27, 2023.
I will send you a confirmation email once I receive your payment.
Payment plans are available for no additional fee. Please let me know if you’d like to set one up.
Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, a refund less the nonrefundable $25 will be offered through May 27, 2023. After May 27, 2023, a refund will only be given, less the nonrefundable $25, if your spot can be filled by another participant.
Policy regarding COVID-19: Masks are optional.
SPECIAL NOTE: Individual Chiron Readings (optional) – For those who participate in this immersion, a 30-minute Chiron-focused reading is available for you to purchase for a discounted rate ($75), if you desire.
I will record the reading on my own and email you the link to download the audio recording, along with a digital copy of your birth chart featuring Chiron’s placement along with transiting Chiron in Aries. I will unpack both Chiron in your birth chart + transiting Chiron in the recording. You will receive your recorded reading before the immersion (and if you register well in advance of the immersion, I will be able to get your recording to you within 1-2 weeks of when you register). If you’ve never had a reading with me, I will need your date, time and place of birth.

If you wish to purchase a Chiron reading, please add the fee for the reading ($75) onto the amount you send for the Chiron Immersion via Zelle, Venmo or PayPal and please write me a little note to let me know your payment includes the Chiron reading. Thank you! And, if you are doing a payment plan, the amount for the reading can be added to that and paid over time.

LILITH: Embodied Astrological Immersion – Sept 30 + Oct 1, 2022

LILITH: Embodied Astrological Immersion

When: Friday, September 30 + Saturday, October 1, 2022
7pm–9:30pm on Friday night, September 30
1pm–8:30pm on Saturday, Oct 1
In-person at Yoga Sanctuary in Minneapolis, MN
“…On every branch of the Tree
is her face. Cheetah. Owl. Locust.
Fly in blue evening. Higher you climb
the more she fills yr dream.
She is the bolstering Other, backside
of the coin. Underpinning of stage set
you love. Whatever play you’re doing.
She is flying moon in the clouds
on all the foggy coastlines of the earth.
Where land touches water; where fire meets w/ air
where guts of earth burst out in coal, or diamond:
it is flesh, it is flesh, it is Lilith.
–By Diane di Prima, from Loba 
During our time together, we enter deeply into the dark (fecund), untamed, disruptive and liberatory realm of LILITH.

We explore Lilith’s potentiality in our birth charts and in our lives as represented uniquely in astrology by Asteroid Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith and True Black Moon Lilith. These Lilith symbols guide us in a 3-fold spiral journey of freeing ourselves layer by layer of patriarchal conditioning, manipulation and pain and of equipping ourselves to effectively disrupt systems of oppression that we may collectively create realities beyond.

–Asteroid Lilith = the function of CRITICALLY EXAMINING how patriarchy operates, coming to CLEARLY RECOGNIZE and UNDERSTAND PATRIARCHY’S PLAYBOOK inside and out that we may effectively CONFRONT and DISRUPT its destructive, insidious abuses of power.

–Dark Moon Lilith = the function of METABOLIZING PATRIARCHY’S IMPACT upon us. PROCESSING through patriarchal WOUNDING and TRANSMUTING our GRIEF and RAGE at all that has been distorted, demonized and lost.

–True Black Moon Lilith = represents the NONDUAL, NONBINARY CONSCIOUSNESS within us where we REMEMBER who we are and what we know (PRE-PATRIARCHY). From this place, we have the capacity to EMBODY OUR WHOLENESS and COLLECTIVELY BIRTH NEW REALITIES and CHOICES into being BEYOND imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist hetero-patriarchy (bell hooks).


–Historical Exploration: Pre-Patriarchy + Origins of Patriarchy

–Mythological Exploration: Lilith

–Astrological Exploration: Asteroid Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith + True Black Moon Lilith

–Organic Movement to Music



–Healing Circle (which can involve physical touch or the option for no touch)


Please bring your own dinner to have on Saturday evening. We’ll have a 45-minute dinner time together before moving into our evening ritual.

Each participant will receive a copy of their birth chart with the 3 Lilith symbols included.

You will also receive a handout with descriptions of the signs and houses from an evolutionary astrological lens. As we unpack the 3 Lilith symbols, you may apply the sign and house descriptions to the Lilith placements in your own birth chart.

Please make sure to read through the details below (cancellation policy + covid-19 policy).

This immersion is open to those who identify as womxn + genderqueer. No astrological experience is necessary. Space is limited.
Fee: $325
Please submit either your nonrefundable deposit ($50) OR your full payment ($325) to reserve your spot: 
PayPal –
Venmo – @Jessa-Walters
Check or cash is an option too.
I will send you a confirmation email once I receive your payment.
If you submit the $50 deposit, the remainder of your balance is due by Fri, Sept 16, 2022.
And, please note that Payment Plans of up to 6 months are available for no additional fee.
Please let me know if you’d like to set one up. 
Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, a refund, less the nonrefundable $50, will be offered through Sept 16, 2022. After Sept 16, 2022, a refund will only be given (less the nonrefundable $50) if your spot can be filled by another participant.
Policy regarding COVID-19: Proof of full Covid-19 vaccination + booster is required to attend OR proof of a negative Covid-19 test within the prior 24 hours. With this policy in place, masks are not required during our time together (masks are optional). I will update if anything changes regarding the Covid-19 policy.
REAL TALK: Relationships + Sexuality – An Astrological Immersion for Womxn Jan 18-19, 2020

REAL TALK: Relationships + Sexuality – An Astrological Immersion for Womxn

THIS EVENT IS NOW FULL. Please email Jessa to be on the waiting list:
When: January 18–19, 2020
7–9pm on Saturday night, Jan 18th
10am-5pm on Sunday, Jan 19th

In this evening + daylong immersion, we dedicate our time together to REAL TALK about relationships and sexuality. We explore platonic love, casual dating/sex, longterm commitment, monogamy, forms of polyamory, open relationship (and much more) – honoring all sexualities.

We engage astrology as a tool to stimulate expansion and possibility beyond the severely limiting heteronormative, patriarchal scripts we’ve been given. This cultural conditioning can blind us to our own deepest desires for honest, authentic connection and expression. It also limits what forms of love are recognized and celebrated in our culture.

Human love varies in its objects and expressions. Love exists on a beautiful, sprawling spectrum. –Kathryn Ormsbee

As we focus upon relationships and sexuality, we examine planets and asteroids, with our birth charts in hand, to evoke a deeper understanding of ourselves and the breadth of choices available to us. When it comes to relationships, our deepest source of grounding and insight is in understanding our own birth charts (as opposed to focusing obsessively 😉 upon the charts of our partners, crushes or friends!).
Inner/Outer Planets:
In our exploration, we will look at all of the planets through the lens of relationship, but will delve most deeply into the Moon, Venus and Mars (inner/personal planets) as well as the outer/transpersonal planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, that we may unearth the potentials for authentic, transformative relationships and sexuality. We will examine both the high ground and the possible pitfalls, as it’s all about increasing our awareness. We will also discuss how the aspects between the inner planets and outer planets in our birth charts impact relationships.
We will touch upon a number of asteroids, specifically in relation to furthering the inclusion and illumination of the scope of sexuality (including asexuality) and expressions within relationship: Amor, Pan, Eros, Lilith, Sappho, Vesta, Juno and Pallas Athene.
This Immersion Includes:

Woven throughout our astrological study and discussion will be music, movement, poetry, time for reflection and individual sharing on relationship/sexuality. Please wear clothing in which you feel most comfortable (layers).

Birth Charts:

Each womxn who attends will receive a packet with a copy of their own chart, as well as a copy of each womxn’s chart who attends. This way we can all follow along when one womxn’s chart is being referenced. I will need your birth information (date, time, place) if I do not have it already.
Lunch on Sunday:
There will be an hour lunch break on Sunday. Holistic Gateway has a refrigerator where you can keep your lunch if you wish. There are also restaurants nearby if you prefer to go out. Tea and light snacks will be provided over the weekend.
No astrological experience is necessary. Come as you are – ready for real talk and exploration.
Space is limited.


If you are interested in deepening your astrological exploration within an intimate setting with individuals who are all on a path of self-understanding and soul growth, this is an opportunity that is available. No astrological experience is necessary, except having had a birth chart reading with me before the series begins.

These series are a blending of sacred circle (deep sharing, intentional held space, ritual) + evolutionary astrological study and exploration of each person’s birth chart.

Each series is a closed group (no drop-ins) to create as safe, predictable and cohesive a container as possible to facilitate depth of connection, continuity and capacity for vulnerability. Space is limited in each series to 8. Beginners to astrology are completely welcome! The only pre-requisite is having had a birth chart reading with Jessa prior to the series.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, no in-person series are scheduled. Watch for online group experiences coming soon! You may view a couple of past series descriptions below:


MARS: Hearts Ablaze

***THIS SERIES IS NOW FULL. If you’d like to be on the waiting list, please contact Jessa.***
DATES: Thursdays, November 1 – December 13, 2018 (no meeting on Thurs, Nov 22)
TIME: 7pm–9:30pm
“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” –Anais Nin
Mars – Raw Fire of Life.
Primal Eros.
The function within us which fuels our Will to Survive – in body, mind and spirit. Our Will to Thrive through passion, fierceness and valor.
Mars is the Warrior within.
In our birth charts, Mars lets us know where our souls crave the heat of risk, the life-giving thrill of adventure, where we must passionately engage with Life in order to have a healthy sense of gusto in our day to day. We discover through Mars where boundaries are needed. Becoming a warrior in the face of fear is the high path of Mars. Building courage is the evolutionary aim.
With Mars being the classical ruler of Scorpio, and the solo ruler of Aries, we explore both faces of this planet of desire – both of which are inextricably linked to our sexuality/eros. In this vein, we will also take a look at the Cycle of Sex, which is represented in the birth chart by the relationship between Mars and Venus.
We will examine where Mars is transiting each woman’s individual chart and discuss how to consciously work with that fiery stimulus in ways of benefit rather than destruction. Transits are catalysts for development and growth. Transiting Mars calls us to decisive action. We must take the initiative and claim what is ours.

Each week, we will have structured time for check-in/sharing. During our first evening together, I will give a talk on Mars. In weeks 2–5, we will dive into individual chart analysis and discussion. Our last evening together will culminate in a Courage-Building Ritual.

Prerequisite to a series: You must have had an Evolutionary Astrology Birth Chart Reading with Jessa prior to the series.

All who participate will receive a copy of each woman’s birth chart who is in the group, so we can reference and learn from each others’ charts, as well as our own.


***THIS SERIES IS NOW FULL. If you’d like to be on the waiting list, please contact Jessa.***
DATES:Mondays, November 12 – December 17, 2018 
TIME: 7pm–9:30pm
We enter into the untamed, instinctual realm of the feminine through the 3 faces of LILITH (Triple Dark Goddess): Asteroid Lilith, Dark Moon Lilith and True Black Moon Lilith. We will find each of these aspects of the Dark Goddess in our charts and come to understand more deeply how we relate with these parts of ourselves and in relation to our journey as womxn. We will explore the mythology of Lilith and how she has been demonized by the patriarchy. Through this process, we have the opportunity to acknowledge and work transformation on any of the ways we may have internalized this demonization of the deep, dark, untamed, sexual, wrathful, embodied feminine within ourselves and in other womxn.
In the words of asteroid-focused astrologer, Demetra George, in her book, Finding Our Way through the Dark:
“The Asteroid Lilith describes the first stage in the mythical journey where she is suppressed, humiliated and flees in a fiery rage to the desolate wilderness. The Dark Moon Lilith depicts the pain of her exile where she plots and executes revenge. The Black Moon Lilith shows how she transmutes her distorted image back into its natural healthy expression.”
Amidst our deep dive into the powerful, primal energies of Lilith, we allow ourselves to be supported by the inspiring, creative, womxn-centered energy of SAPPHO: Champion and Lover of Womxn. We will come to understand Sappho’s energy in each of us by locating this asteroid in our charts and exploring its meaning.
Sappho was born around the year 615 B.C. in Greece and lived on the island of Lesbos. She taught at an academy for unmarried women and became well-known for her wide collection of poetry (often accompanied by a lyre). Even in the male-dominated world of classic literature, Sappho has long been considered one of the greatest lyric poets of all time. Plato named Sappho “the tenth muse.” She served as the inspiration for countless paintings and sculptures, but unlike the nine mythical muses, Sappho did not exist to facilitate anyone’s art but her own.


Each week, we will begin by grounding/centering, followed by structured time for check-in/sharing. Then, we will move into chart analysis and discussion. During our first evening together, I will give a talk on Lilith & Sappho. Our last evening together will culminate in ritual. 

Prerequisite to a series: You must have had an Evolutionary Astrology Birth Chart Reading with Jessa prior to the series.
All who participate will receive a copy of each womxn’s birth chart who is in the group, so we can reference and learn from each others’ charts, as well as our own.
There’s so much I could say about the truly transformational nature of Jessa’s planetary series, but what keeps standing out is the joy that comes from the experience of engaging in self-inquiry within the context of community. Often our spiritual paths can feel so personal and, at times, a bit lonely. Yet, Jessa’s series allowed me the opportunity to find greater clarity about my own path within the embrace of circle of women. Such an embrace allowed for an upsurge of acceptance and love. It allowed for strength to face life’s challenges and move toward the greatest gifts I can manifest in this lifetime.  To have a community recognize and lift up those gifts is truly a magical feeling.
Erica Seltzer-Schultz

In Jessa’s astrological series circles and the Women’s Retreats that she offers, Jessa creates a safe container for women to be held and heard. And, also for each of us to learn how to hold that space for the other women in the group so each woman can be heard without anyone interjecting opinions or giving advice. It is a valuable learning experience that gives us the tools we need in our circles of friends and family and the greater community.

Typically, you begin a circle as strangers but very quickly become so much more than friends. We laugh and cry together and share intimacies that we may have never shared with anyone else, knowing it is held in the utmost confidence, without judgment. This is true healing. Jessa is a master at creating space to explore our vulnerability. There are no words to describe what I’ve received from being a part of these women’s circles. The experience is truly magical. We need more of these circles to heal ourselves and heal the world. The bonus is you get to learn about astrology, ritual and a bunch of other really cool things, but the main thing is you learn about yourself!

Gini Loch