Womxn's Moon Medicine

Womxn’s Moon Medicine evenings with Evolutionary Astrologer, Jessa Walters, are opportunities to learn more about a particular astrological energy, experiment with the embodiment of that energy in your own body and share in community with open-minded womxn committed to growth, self-awareness and positive collective change.

Womxn’s Moon Medicine: Moon in Leo

at JOY OF BEING in Moss Beach, CA

Friday, February 7, 2020 

7-9 pm | $55

Guided by Jessa Walters – Evolutionary Astrologer

Under this Big-Hearted, nearly Full Moon in Leo, Jessa will give a talk on the high potentials (and shadows) of Leo energy, as well as touch upon other astrological stimulus that is supporting growth and development in our lives at this time, such as the planet Venus moving into the sign of Aries on the day we gather.

We will then explore Leo’s warm, spontaneous, life-giving energy in our bodies, minds and hearts through organic movement to music followed by a giving and receiving ritual. This ritual is an opportunity to experience the evolutionary potential of Leo, which invites us to risk vulnerability and reveal our authentic selves in the presence of others, which then opens the door to receive positive, affirming attention from those others for being exactly who we are. This naturally feeds joy and warmth back into our psyches and inspires others to show up in greater vulnerability and authenticity too. This Leo loop, when fulfilled, brings heart-opening warmth and a sense of belonging to all.

Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. This event is open to those who identify as womxn.

Cancellation Policy: There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for this workshop. If you need to cancel and want a refund, you must do so 48 hours before the event.


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“Attending Jessa’s Moon Medicine Circles for the past 3 years, has opened for me a vessel to navigate and explore the deep and narrow ravines of sacred release and empowerment. The Moon Medicine Circles have also nourished my capacity to let go of intimidation, stuckness and blocked energy flow. The richness of going deep within has opened up a path of freedom, intimacy, acceptance and a wholeness to receive once again.
Desi Klimesh