Moon Medicine Events

Moon Medicine events with Evolutionary Astrologer, Jessa Walters (she/her), are opportunities to learn more about a particular astrological energy, experiment with the embodiment of that energy in your own body and share in community with open-minded souls committed to growth, self-awareness and positive collective change.

Moon Medicine events are open to all who identify as womxn, femme, non-binary and gender nonconforming.

Saturday, April 18th  |  7–9pm  |  $45
at Yess Yoga Studio in Minneapolis, MN
This event is open to those who identify as womxn, femme, non-binary and gender nonconforming.
During our evening together, the Moon’s waning light shines forth in Pisces, merged with the Piscean planetary ruler, Neptune. With Neptune’s involvement, you could think of this Moon as a super-charged, multidimensional, ultra-dreamy Pisces Moon!
The essence of Piscean evolutionary potential centers around direct communion with the infinite ocean of consciousness, particularly dimensions beyond the physical realm and states transcending the linear, thinking mind.
In alignment with this ethereal energy, Jessa will guide a group (yet very individual) journey into connecting with the Akashic Records. ‘Akasha’ is the Sanskirt word for ‘aether,’ ‘atmosphere’ or ‘space.’ The nonphysical realm where everything arises and everything returns. Hungarian quantum physicist, Ervin Laszlo (Gemini Sun with North Node in Pisces), studied and wrote extensively about the Akashic Field of Consciousness, where “the electromagnetic imprint of everything that has ever happened, is happening or will happen in the Universe is stored.”
In this guided journey, you will be invited to hold a question or intention in your awareness with openness to receiving illumination and insight.
Our journey into the Akashic Field will be supported by 528 Hz musical frequencies. 528 Hz is known as the “love” frequency. By basking in its sound, we absorb its life-giving, unconditional, healing transmission. The same frequencies are present in chlorophyll, the buzzing of bees, rainbows and our own human DNA.
Our evening together will also include space for reflection and integration through art/journaling and optional sharing after the Akashic journey. Please wear comfortable, relaxed clothing. Jessa will send an email to all who have registered with logistical information a couple of days before the event.
Please submit your payment of $45 via PayPal:
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“Attending Jessa’s Moon Medicine Circles for the past 3 years, has opened for me a vessel to navigate and explore the deep and narrow ravines of sacred release and empowerment. The Moon Medicine Circles have also nourished my capacity to let go of intimidation, stuckness and blocked energy flow. The richness of going deep within has opened up a path of freedom, intimacy, acceptance and a wholeness to receive once again.
Desi Klimesh