I feel so much appreciation for this reading. I found the whole experience to be invigorating, validating, and helpful. Jessa’s approach to sharing potentially sensitive information was very gentle and kind, with the best of intentions and hopefulness. Thank you, Jessa, for sharing your training and intuitive gift with the world! I am lucky to have been on the receiving end.
Brittany Gadd

If you are looking for an astrologer who is consistently compassionate, thoroughly inspired, courageously honest, and deeply sensitive to everyone she encounters, Jessa Walters is the one you’ve been seeking. My work with Jessa has been deeply and positively transformative in my life. I have been highly active in her various community offerings over the past several years, including numerous personalized astrological readings and brilliant womxn’s astrological series, as well as her trauma-sensitivity yoga workshop, which has permanently transformed my own yoga teaching practice at the hospital where I work. Through this multi-faceted work with Jessa, my community and circle of sisterhood has greatly expanded, my sense of self deeply strengthened, and my understanding of my purpose in life clarified & embraced. I felt so inspired by my work with Jessa that I even dedicated one of the songs on my debut album to her! To put it lightly, the opportunity to work with Jessa has been profound. My gratitude for her contribution is immense, and I would recommend her to anyone.
-A. H. occupational therapist & musician

Thank you so much for such a profound, healing, affirming experience today! I am amazed by the energy, joy, and freedom I feel from our work as well as the welcome grief of feeling how hard it has been to be in my karmic patterns. I deeply appreciate your incredible gift and will be carrying gratitude for you as I move towards my North Node!

–Kate Gerwin

This reading was so on point for me with everything going on in my life …for Jessa to be able to point it out was amazing! It really gave me so much clarity as far as what I’m supposed to be doing and why I don’t always do what I know I should. When I tell you it was so on point, it gave me chills! Thank you so much, Jessa, your energy was amazing, and I’m so glad I found you! Can’t wait to see where all this new knowledge will take me. I’m excited and ready! Thanks to you:)


Thank you so much for the relationship reading you did for David and I. Thank you for your passion, dedication and excellence in your work. It was so well delivered and with such care and integrity. The reading helped me to look at our relationship from a different vantage point, and I saw some of the ways that I wasn’t really seeing our relationship for what it is and what it is meant to become. Understanding our relationship chart was some big marriage therapy for me, thank you! I had no idea that astrology could that! I feel renewed, excited and even a little bit intimidated about our path forward! Thank you for delivering the message in a clear, conscious and loving way.  We felt so well held by you and your interpretation of our charts. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Anne Murphy

I was just listening back to the recording of one of our readings. It was the reading about a past relationship. Jessa, you are utterly magical in the deft way you wield your gifts. I can’t believe what we uncovered, what came out of that time together and the healing that has continued as a result of it. How beautiful it is to be reminded of the power of that relationship to transform my life and my journey. Stepping away from the blame and the fear and the yuckiness of it is such a blessing.

–Lisa Kahn

Wow! All I can say is life changing and powerful! A birth chart reading followed by a transits and progressions reading was exactly what I needed to move forward in my life. These readings provided so much support, clarity, validation and understanding, not only for myself but for my family as well. Jessa is passionate and gifted, and it has been such a pleasure to have several readings by her. I plan to tell everyone I know to have their chart done for a richer look at themselves.
Thea Jensen

The insight Jessa revealed to me in our time together has shifted and changed the way I see, feel, and understand everything in and around me.  My life feels like it’s cracking open and light is flooding into spaces that I wasn’t even aware existed before. Jessa’s reading set a course into motion for a whole new level of continued exploration, and she’s been an encouragement all along the way.  There’s something really powerful that happens in the midst of such a kind, intentional and gifted soul like Jessa’s.  She dove into it as if it were her own and made me feel like she was very much in it with me.  In addition to the vast content of the reading itself, the way Jessa compassionately and skillfully connected everything blew my mind and continues to show up in my life in a myriad of ways every day.  I couldn’t recommend anything more.  I’ve never felt more tuned into myself and the path I’m on — there’s no greater gift!   


Alison Rogers

I feel so honored and blessed to have had two readings with Jessa thus far. My readings with her have been absolutely magical. Words cannot begin to describe the beauty, grace, intelligence, and compassion that Jessa bestows in her readings. Jessa is a holder and creator of sacred space. When I am in her calming presence, I feel held. She is highly intuitive and spot-on in all of her readings. It is as if she knows me and my story from deep within. Jessa is without a doubt an inspiration and a bright shining light in my life. With love and gratitude, Jessa, I thank you.
Amy Kim

One of Jessa’s areas of specialty revolves around the archetype of Lilith, whose mythology centers the lived experiences of marginalized and oppressed peoples. I am so thankful to Jessa for bringing Lilith’s teachings on instinct, principle, and justice into the foreground of my consciousness. Lilith has so much to teach us about societies of oppression, and the pathways that might lead to actual liberation for all those harmed by patriarchy, racism, and other forms of systemic violence. I just love Jessa’s focus on Lilith as an archetypal icon that has such resonance and relevance in the face of a white supremacist, capitalist, mysoginstic society. Jessa speaks about her teachings so eloquently and I know she will continue to impact so many people by lifting up Lilith’s righteous mythology.

Andrea Grace, astrologer

Thank you for the ease you convey which creates a sense of safety and freedom to express hard things. You are clearly gifted in your work Jessa!

Ellen P.

When experiencing readings with Jessa, I come into profound awareness of her commitment and intentionality to “midwife women’s power” through her astrology readings and personal journey. Through her delivery of what is seen in my chart, she weaves aspects of which I am unaware into the fabric of my consciousness and my life. When I connect with my astrological aspects, I do so through images and energies. I can sense and track the movements and alignments as Jessa’s words allow all that she shares to land, and then it is up to me to choose to continue to welcome and embody that into my life and being. Each time I re-listen to the recording, my experience expands to reveal more and more layers of what was shared during the reading which I may have resisted or missed then as it flows with me throughout the year.
Patricia Beck

Being a Pisces native, I’ve been in and out of astrology sessions and astrology books for many decades. Sometimes the readings made sense, but more often I found myself searching for deeper meaning behind the information I was given. There was always a part of me looking for something more than “what I could expect in the next year, and how to get through it in a cursory way.”

Through a mutual friend I learned that Jessa did ‘evolutionary’ astrology, which I had never heard of before. I was immediately in. It was one of those serendipitous moments that you just get a feeling about, a time when something new and special comes into your life and carries you along into its magic.

This wave carried me all the way to Jessa’s living room, where I learned about something else I had never heard of before—my South Node and my North Node. While the terminology was new to me, the energy certainly was not; as Jessa explained the energy behind my South Node placement, I could easily identify with it and see how that pull (of so many lifetimes) wove its way into my experience. I also learned that I was working to transform those South Node energies, and that my North Node pointed the way. The North Node was a road map of attitude and behavior and values and ways of being that could counteract all those old South Node tendencies. An evolutionary road map if you will…a guidance for transformation.

Finally—astrology that has meaning, depth and can get into your psyche where it really matters. While I loved the message of evolutionary astrology, I also loved the teacher! Jessa shines. She is light-filled, and it radiates from her and all around her (just look at her picture!). She is warm, accepting, fun to be with whether in person or over the phone, and has a great sense of humor and a ready laugh. She knows the science of astrology, and she knows the soul of astrology. She knows how to get you to take your medicine.

Carol Hicks

Astrology has always intrigued me but I’d never had a professional reading. Going into my reading with Jessa, I was curious and open about what would happen. After a few minutes, I knew this was going to be an experience of helpful and transformative power. It was like listening to someone explain me to me in a way that identified every component part and showed how all those disparate pieces join together into one cohesive whole. Jessa guided me through the process of understanding each piece, learning where it came from, how to take care of it, seeing the unity of it all within me, and recognizing how that informs my life. The journey was at once calming, enormous, and empowering. Calming because Jessa created a safe and peaceful environment where it was easy to talk about powerful and emotional things, enormous because it was no small thing to look at and understand all the different forces at work within me, and empowering because I saw, laid out before me, all that I need to be true to myself, nourish my soul and flourish in this life. I left filled with a deeper understanding of how I fit into the world around and inside of me and equipped to live my most fulfilling life. 


Tim Farnham

To: Jessa Walters – ‘an EVOLVER – a vessel, one who wakes.’


Know that you help people find life’s BEGINNINGS – places lost, or never felt…


Your practice – is the best kind of germination, as seeing TRUTH – waters itself.

You remind us of the DEPTH of roots – still living inside, each one of us.

You SPREAD love – of self, and beyond. Here, we are better able to share this INHERENT goodness. 

Re-energizing strength – pours back into our weakening fabric of human RELATIONS.


This world can be so OVERWHELMINGLY odd – and sad.

I was SO looking for my compass, for a sharper sense of direction, for a puzzle I could finish.

Life’s map now unfolds – in such a way where I can SEE the patterns, the pathways THROUGH.


EVOLUTIONARY ASTROLOGY’ is a flashlight beaming into my soul’s crevices.  There ARE missing pieces here… 

From: Rebecca Doyle, Artist/Designer

Wow! I’ve had multiple astrology readings by different people throughout my life and this one was unlike any of those. It felt like someone was reaching into the deepest parts of me, pulling out pieces of my heart and soul that I thought were lost or forgotten. It was a sweet reunion with my own wisdom, my power, my journey. What an incredible gift!
Nicole Nardone

I first found Jessa over 5 years ago at a local yoga studio. She soon became my favorite yoga teacher. Her class each week was filled to the brim, each of us delighted to hear her wise musings and to be guided intuitively and gracefully in our yoga practices. She carries this same energy, passion and wisdom into her evolutionary astrology practice.

Jessa is a spiritual mentor of mine. As a deeply reflective individual who has never quite “fit the mold,” I find her insight extremely valuable in my life. Through my annual birthday reading and other appointments, I receive guidance that helps me be the best version of myself.
Knowing I am not only supported by God and the angels, but the very planets up in the sky has been life-changing for me. Jessa never fails to deliver information and insights that are transformational, personal and timely. I come away from our meetings inspired and uplifted, with an extra bit of bounce in my step and joy in my heart. She cares deeply for those in her circle and this shines through in all she does. I hope you will schedule a reading and experience her magic.

Cynthia Zuber

My reading with Jessa felt like a painting of me and my life. I felt freed of all self-judgment. The reading gave me an “it’s all okay and it all makes sense” kind of feeling. I know that I am on the right track and to keep doing what I’m doing. This experience was a deep affirmation, support and inspiration.
Ancha Siverttson

Awaiting my astrology reading from Jessa, I was giddy with anticipation and also afraid of what it might reveal. I didn’t know what to expect. Within the first five minutes that fear dissolved and it was like sitting with my best friend. Everything she told me resonated, everything became clear, everything calmed down. I keep returning to that feeling, knowing more of how I came to be, what struggles my soul went through, what struggles I am currently going through, and what I need to do to move forward. This reading is so far beyond the stereotypes of our zodiac. It is so empowering, and I highly recommend it.
Stephanie E.

Jessa shared my chart with me in a kind and engaging manner. Her storytelling, combined with a deep knowledge of astrology, brought clarity to both my past and my pathway onward toward soul fulfillment. Her reading thoroughly resonated with me. Understanding how my chart is supporting my evolutionary path sparked a vision for my personal growth that I can work on on a daily basis. I also have new insight into my struggles and challenges. Jessa offered suggestions for moving forward based on energies revealed in my chart. Appreciating how various energies have been manifesting in my life, and the potential they have to support a move toward self-realization, has left me feeling validated and inspired. Jessa is profoundly authentic and her reading has made a deep impact on my life.
Shannon B.

I experienced my first astrological reading with Jessa. It was above and beyond my expectations! I’m looking forward to digging deeper and flying higher! I am so thankful for Jessa’s knowledge and support. She is a kind and gentle soul. She is like the sun radiating a beautiful golden glow over those around her!
Gini L.