I have spent many years in yoga studios, both large and small, but never in my life have I had an experience so enriching to my soul. Dancing and practicing yoga with the sounds of the birds, the trees and the island wind made my body, heart and mind feel larger than life and wholly purified.


This retreat explores life, emotion, energy, yoga, relationships and more, all surrounded by the beauty, spirituality, and richness of Balinese culture. Jessa’s innate wisdom, combined with her knowledge and awareness of Bali make for a magical, transformative week.



The rooftop yoga space was beautiful. Practicing amongst the treetops. Green & blue for miles. Smells of incense burning, sounds of life. Pure bliss. I felt expansive, in ways I haven’t felt for years. In Bali, I felt an overwhelming sense of connection. Connection to the earth, to all living things, and to that which unites us all.


Jessa read our astrology birth charts before the retreat and wove our astrology into the sessions to illuminate how we might more deeply understand our soul’s purpose and our unique path of growth in this lifetime. It was astounding to all of us how profound the readings were. The Evolutionary Astrology combined with oracle cards, dream work and rituals made for a deep and resounding magic in our sessions. It was so personal and unique for each of us. It was as if the places where we had been stuck or answers we were seeking to questions long asked were magically revealed. It was profound. All of the experiences on this retreat supported the recovery of a natural sense of wonder and love of my life. I felt a release into a purer way of being. This retreat was simply life-changing. An experience of a lifetime.