Big Sur Womxn’s Retreat

This retreat will happen again in 2020. Please stay tuned for dates.

Please join me for this womxn’s immersion into the abundant, life-giving, untamed beauty of Big Sur.

Vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean…

Sensuous, golden rolling hills…

Fragrant aroma of sweet sage on the salty breeze…

Hawks circling against a deep blue sky…

Rays of sunlight bringing warmth to our skin…

Ancient grandmother Redwoods towering in wisdom…

And from time to time, the mystical fog rolling in, shape-shifting everything.


Opening up to an embodied experience of the breathtaking, natural beauty of this part of the world. Allowing it to enter and flow into every cell of our bodies. Letting this beauty nourish and give life to our whole beings. Allowing the magnificence of this earth to strengthen our spirits and open our hearts ever more to Life. And, to experience this healing power of beauty TOGETHER.

Our adventure together will be a rich one. We will circle in the wilds held by the Great Mother Herself. We will rest on beaches together and hike ridges overlooking endless miles of land and sea. We will share from our hearts, create ritual, reflect, commune and deeply appreciate the beauty of this precious Earth…

We will also experience some Big Sur cultural classics, such as the Henry Miller Library (bookshop and shrine) and Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn for brunch.

Retreat size is limited to 9 womxn.

I have so many wonderful things to say about Jessa’s Big Sur Women’s Retreat!  For me, this was a powerfully evocative experience.  I felt inspired by the fact that we were nine women intentionally choosing to come together in sacred circle with one another.  I loved the palpable presence of Mother Nature, especially her dynamism as the Pacific coastline dips and dives from one dramatic vista to the next.  I was drawn to the power of creating ritual at the confluence of a lazy river as she entered the mighty ocean.  I loved the comfort of being safely tucked into our cabins each night, sleeping next to the stream while being cradled in the ancient wisdom of the forest that surrounded us.  Above all, I loved tapping into the power of imagination, the power of opening ourselves to vulnerability and the power of calling in transmutative healing. I can’t wait to do this again next year!

Wendy McCulley

Retreat Fee:

$950 (shared cabin, no bathroom in cabin – use nearby bathhouse, just a few steps away)

$1095 (shared cabin with bathroom)

Retreat Fee Includes:

–Tuesday afternoon through Friday afternoon – 4 days / 3 nights lodging in a cozy, comfortable cabin in the Redwoods at Riverside Campground & Cabins in Big Sur

–All breakfasts and lunches (includes brunch at Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn)

–Big Sur Womxn’s Retreat experience

Does not include: Flight, transportation, evening meals

Riverside Campground Cabins:


This Bathhouse is just a few steps up the hill from the two cabins that have no bathroom. There is another Bathhouse beside the Camp Store, also very near.

Riverside Campground + Cabins Map:

We will all be very near each other in Cabins 2, 3/4, 5 + 6. Dan, my partner who is helping with retreat logistics, and I will be in the little Studio cabin located right behind the Bathhouse.

Entrance to Riverside Campground from Highway 1

Riverside Campground Camp Store

This is the best camp store I’ve ever come across! They carry cans of soup, chili, clam chowder, nuts, chips, crackers, eggs, hot dogs, sausages, ground beef, rack of ribs!?, frozen meals (chicken teriyaki bowl, burritos, red baron pizzas, etc), yogurt, ice cream, string cheese, milk, candy, potatoes, onions, bananas, apples, s’more ingredients, soda, beer/wine/champagne, disposable plates, bowls, utensils and cookware… So, if you ever don’t feel like going out for your evening meal, you can surely find something at the camp store to eat.

Andrew Molera Hike

One of our days together, we will hike in Andrew Molera State Park. We will wake early with breakfast provided by Dan and I by the fire pit at our cabin. We will also provide lunch makings and hiking snacks at that time to bring with us on our daylong hike. We will then set out to Andrew Molera State Park, just several minutes drive north from Riverside Campground. We will hike a fairly rigorous 9-mile loop with some of the most incredible vistas. There’s a moderate incline for quite a while (1000 feet), then it evens out. After a while, there are some uphills and downhills and then it evens out again. 

It is beyond words how incredible this hike is, but it does take a certain amount of physical/mental stamina and strength! However, we will pause often to drink water and soak in the beauty. We will gather at the panorama point after the first hour and a half or so and have our packed lunches or some snacks. We will visit a purple sand beach during this hike, which will be a sweet spot to rest and commune with earth, wind, sea, sky. We will be at Andrew Molera for most of the day.

Andrew Molera Beach

We will circle on this beach of driftwood and sacred stones…where the Big Sur River meets the sea.

Esalen Hot Springs

It is my high and holy hope that we will be able to get into Esalen Hot Springs for the late night bathing (1-3am) beneath the stars one of the nights during the retreat. These baths are literally on the edge of the cliffs with the crashing waves below and expanse of ocean beyond. It is truly unforgettable and awe-inspiring to gaze out at the night sea and up at the Milky Way while basking in the natural, healing spring waters. Reservations are made the morning of the night we wish to go, so we won’t know until we are in Big Sur. It will be my treat (no extra cost to you) if we get in.

Sunset at Pfeiffer Beach

Brunch at Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn

Eggs benedict, homemade granola, smoked salmon bagels and huevos rancheros have earned Deetjen’s the “Best Place for Breakfast” in Monterey County! (The bottomless cup of coffee is fabulous too!) The ambiance is cozy and timeless, and a relaxing walk around the grounds after brunch is a must. If you’re interested in reading the history of Deetjen’s, you can find more info here. The image below is from the 2018 Big Sur Womxn’s Retreat.

Henry Miller Library

We will visit Henry Miller Memorial Library during the retreat. It is a one-of-a-kind bookstore and shrine. Unforgettable.

In the words of Henry Miller (my additions in parentheses):

“Every day we slaughter our finest impulses. That is why we get a heartache when we read those lines written by the hand of a master and recognize them as our own, as the tender shoots which we stifled because we lacked the faith to believe in our own powers, our own criterion of truth and beauty. Every (wo)man, when (s)he gets quiet, when (s)he becomes desperately honest with (herself) himself, is capable of uttering profound truths. We all derive from the same source. There is no mystery about the origin of things. We are all part of creation, (all queens), all kings, all poets, all musicians; we have only to open up, only to discover what is already there.”

Getting to Big Sur:

If you are coming from outside of CA, I recommend flying into San Francisco, renting a car (my hope is that we can arrange some carpooling within our group) and then making the drive down Highway 1 to Big Sur (about 3 hours, but I recommend allowing more time either on the way down or back to stop at some amazing places). You will go through Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Carmel, Monterey….it is an unbelievably gorgeous drive. And, I will give you recommendations for stops along the way, if you wish.