Sacred Womxn’s Retreat in Ubud, Bali: Testimonials

It is with great pleasure that I offer a review about Jessa Walters’ Sacred Womxn’s Retreat! I had been yearning to travel to Bali for 15 years. Connecting with Jessa and learning about her retreat offering was just the key in the lock to get me here. 
Every detail – from transport and currency information to an introductory astrology reading, dining and sight seeing recommendations, all the way to a mini language lesson – was carefully prepared for her retreat participants. The care and love in which Jessa communicates is so striking and refreshing to me. It is apparent that Jessa lives her truth – with her heart and passions forward – and in so doing is energetically available to share these passions with dazzling vibrance in a retreat setting. 
While at times I am skeptical of “woo woo” spirituality, I would say that this was certainly not woo woo, but an authentic, deep experience – not only within a safe Womxn’s Circle container, but also with the Balinese guests Jessa invited to lead our Temple water purification ritual, massages and closing ceremonies.
I was able – and felt safe enough – to share some buried longings and hurts AND felt acknowledged, accepted, and encouraged to BE and grow with it. 
The retreat setting – bustling and culturally dazzling Ubud with its gem of Narasoma Retreat Center was a delight. The Narasoma staff was gracious, welcoming and sweet beyond belief – not to mention the gorgeous yoga shala, swimming pool and Balinese carving / statuary / flora beautifying everything around us. 
I learned, I laughed, I loved, and I hope to return next year! Thank you, Jessa, for sharing your deep love of Bali – and life – with us! 
I recommend this retreat to any womxn with an interest in heart-centered sharing, learning about a different culture / spirituality, astrology, free movement, self reflection and the joys and challenges of international travel.
Mary Bue

7 days in the spiritual calm of Bali opened me up to a  peace in body and mind, a peace that I have not known for a long time.  I am a novice to evolutionary astrology, and 7 days with womxn, and long overseas travel, and two weeks away from all the comforts of my home and family, and yet there truly are no words to express the profound nature of this trip.  Jessa and all her heart coupled with the culture and community you find in Bali, are transformational. You will go all the way in and back out again, and ultimately be forever changed.  Not bad for two weeks in March.
Julie Green Guidry

I am so grateful that I gifted myself with this amazing opportunity to experience the absolute magic of Bali! Jessa’s knowledge and genuine love and appreciation of the land, the people and their customs made me feel at ease and allowed me to more fully explore Bali and engage my sense of wonder at all this place has to offer! I so appreciated the way Jessa provided guidance and held space for the women in circle, while encouraging each of us to honor our own wisdom and speak, think, move and be in whatever ways felt right and true for us at any given moment. My respect and gratitude for Jessa is beyond words and the beauty of Bali will remain in my heart always.
Erin Day

First, I would love to acknowledge and express so much gratitude to Jessa for her vision to share the amazing Sacred Women’s Retreat in such a magnificent country. Everything that was organized, presented, and experienced was from Jessa’s heart and soul. The retreat transformed me, as did the experiences I had traveling solo. The investment in expanding myself as a global citizen is worth so much more than words could ever convey.

Bali’s lush green rice terraces, the beautifully handmade offerings placed on the sidewalks and in the temples daily, the delicious food, the daily life of rituals and ceremonies, the roosters awakening us each morning, the wandering dogs, a beautiful culture of the most kind, loving people I have met, are all just a part of my profound, energizing, gratifying, and humbling experience.
More than simply a place, Bali and the Sacred Women’s Retreat experience is an amazing global community that magically awakens the human Spirit and truly unearths our potential within. One truly unfolds to the experience as it is while in Bali. Home is not a place, but a feeling, time is not measured by a clock, but by moments, and heart beats are not heard, but felt and shared. This is Bali.


Desi Klimesh

My Bali experience, especially Jessa’s 7-day Women’s Retreat, was transformative on so many levels. The retreat included our participation in Balinese sacred ceremonies as preparation for Nyepi (Balinese New Year’s Day – a complete day of silence); a rebirthing ritual; the visceral vulnerability of sharing our most intimate thoughts; our calling in the divine each day through movement, art, astrology, yoga, meditation and community; all of these learnings set the stage for substantial shifts in thought, feeling, action, spirit and soul. Being immersed in Balinese culture, which is so heart-centered, combined with the intimacy and the possibility that can occur when the right people, especially women of great heart, soul and vulnerability come together, can and did create pure magic! Thank you, Jessa, for drawing us all together. And thanks to my lovely daughter, Anna, for inviting me on this great adventure in honor of my 65th birthday and for traveling with me, far and wide, for 2 additional, intimate, depthful and adventuresome weeks. Everything aligned to make this a trip of my lifetime! Pure Vida.
Wendy McCulley

A Balinese paradise adventure where practical magic birthed a sisterhood and amplified the nurturing strength and momentum of my self-exploration all the while nourished by Jessa’s insightful and concierge guidance.
Billijo Link

Sumerian priests in 3000 BC studied the night sky. There was no difference between astrology and astronomy. The ziggurat temple linked the earth with the mystery of the stars. In fact, it fostered science, mathematics and wonder. Babylonians created a mathematics to study the cyclical patterns and mark the twelve constellations where the planets appeared as bright traveling stars through the zodiac sky. Perhaps our ancient scientists could feel those mysterious planetary forces too, as their gods were named after the moon and planets. Where did we skip that harmony? Imagine how the science and mathematics was derived to support belief, and yet, now it’s all so divergent. In essence, we are all interconnected by the ephemeris of our collective passion and interconnected by our spiritual stars on personal journeys.

In Bali our collective energy resonated between us into a higher vibration. Our joint intentions holding each other in sacred love as our deepest vulnerabilities dissolved. It’s in that resonance of collective circle that the fog of our personal resistance cleared into flame of deepest personal inspiration. Perhaps it’s the hyper dimensionality of higher vibration of loving kindness that moves the spiritual physics in all of us. The transformation is extraordinary: a sense of oneness – serenity – knowingness and bliss.


It is difficult to put into words what an amazing experience this was. It was a deeply enlivening, spirit engaging, self care retreat for the mind, body and soul! Jessa’s knowledge and heart-connection to the land and its people create such a beautiful and authentic Balinese experience. She creates a safe, expansive container for women to go as deep as they want to go. Whether a relaxing vacation or soul-expanding transformation it felt like every woman in the circle got what she needed most. I can’t recommend this experience enough and will be making every effort to go again!


Sarah O'Rourke

Jessa has the travel experience and organization to thoroughly prepare you for an international getaway to Bali. She’s also an intuitive, innovative leader who will help you make the most of your travels. She will introduce you to this lush island and its inspiring culture with direct and informed experiences. 

Jessa recognized and honored the unique perspective of each woman on the retreat. She made it clear that each of us women, with varying life histories and intentions for the trip, were welcomed and appreciated. The itinerary she created for our week together and the assistance she provided in our individual planning of our days before and after the retreat was immensely helpful in navigating our visit on this exciting island, but her humble personality and spirited heart is what really guided us through this whole journey for body, mind and spirit. 

Every recommendation I took from Jessa was fantastic. I was able to experience a peaceful contrast between the bustling city life and the soothing nature of Bali. It was really special to learn about many of the sacred places and rituals directly from the Balinese through Jessa’s great community connections.  I was left in awe of this experience.  Jessa truly knows how to make a retreat a lifelong memory! 


Laura Bye

If you are ready to expand in body, mind, heart and soul – sign up for Jessa’s women’s retreat. It beautifully combines the exploration of rich (outer) culture with an adventure into your own wild, inner nature. You will be transformed and arrive back home more fully alive and aligned with the wholeness of who you are. I highly recommend!


Amy Patee

I have spent many years in yoga studios, both large and small, but never in my life have I had an experience so enriching to my soul. Dancing and practicing yoga with the sounds of the birds, the trees and the island wind made my body, heart and mind feel larger than life and wholly purified.

Jessa read our astrology birth charts before the retreat and wove our astrology into the sessions to illuminate how we might more deeply understand our soul’s purpose and our unique path of growth in this lifetime. It was astounding to all of us how profound the readings were. The Evolutionary Astrology combined with oracle cards, dream work and rituals made for a deep and resounding magic in our sessions. It was so personal and unique for each of us. It was as if the places where we had been stuck or answers we were seeking to questions long asked were magically revealed. It was profound. All of the experiences on this retreat supported the recovery of a natural sense of wonder and love of my life. I felt a release into a purer way of being. This retreat was simply life-changing. An experience of a lifetime.

Margaret Schloegel

This retreat explores life, emotion, energy, yoga, relationships and more, all surrounded by the beauty, spirituality, and richness of Balinese culture. Jessa’s innate wisdom, combined with her knowledge and awareness of Bali make for a magical, transformative week.


Liz Feeney

The rooftop yoga space was beautiful. Practicing amongst the treetops. Green & blue for miles. Smells of incense burning, sounds of life. Pure bliss. I felt expansive, in ways I haven’t felt for years. In Bali, I felt an overwhelming sense of connection. Connection to the earth, to all living things, and to that which unites us all.
Tasha Brua

Jessa Walters guides you through an energetic reset by exploring your connection within yourself amongst the nature and beauty of Bali. 
Angela Ossian

This retreat was the experience of a lifetime. There was so much love and work behind everything Jessa organized for us. I just loved every minute of it. How Jessa weaved in the Balinese culture was absolutely beautiful. You just must fall in love with it. No one else could have done it like this. I will be back to Bali!
Ancha Sivertsson

Sacred Immersion in the Wilds Womxn’s Retreat – April 27–29, 2018: Testimonials

I am so grateful for Jessa’s amazing guidance on the Sacred Immersion in the Wilds Retreat. It was an incredibly connecting, deep and transformative experience. I felt so close to all of the women in the group and felt so completely nurtured and warm. Immersed in so much natural beauty and silence, my whole being was able to take a deep breath and reconnect to my own deep soul’s wisdom.
Cornelia Elsaesser

There are moments in life when we are presented with opportunities to experience the unknown and for some mysterious reason we say “Yes.” The heart knows what it needs and so come Spring I packed my car and found myself immersed in the wilderness of the St. Croix River Valley in Minnesota on a plot of sacred land with a winding creek running through it. Magical.

I was met by a group of 8 women who I knew little or nothing about, but on some instinctual level we were all there for the same reason. To go deep, reflect and share in the ritual space of divine feminine love. And that’s where Jessa comes in, her soulful gift to facilitate an intimate circle of women enabled each of us to safely let go of long-held boundaries and welcome our most vulnerable selves to surface. Creating a pathway of immense healing.

With insightful understanding of Evolutionary Astrology, Jessa helped us embody the Full Moon nuances in Scorpio as we embraced our earthly connection to the Sun in Taurus. Much of our time together was spent connecting with our surroundings in silence… We hiked through untouched forest to the cliffs of the St. Croix River where we stayed for a while and fully absorbed the nuances of mother nature. All of our vegetarian meals, which we prepared in our spacious cabin kitchen with high-vibrational ingredients, were moments to reflect and honor our connection to our primal being. In the evening we gathered under the Full Moon in Scorpio with a bonfire and ritual to cleanse ourselves from negative past energy followed by a purifying Sauna. So amazing!

The next day, before our closing ceremony, Jessa invited us to create individual rituals of intention to honor and celebrate our time together. The giving and receiving of these rituals was profoundly heart opening. I chose to lay face to the sun on one of the walking bridges over the winding creek while each woman blessed me with poetic words of wisdom and anointed my body with crystals and personal pieces from our circle altar. A moment of passionate love of Everything!

Seriously there was so much beauty and love compacted in this short weekend, I left feeling like I had known these women for lifetimes… and perhaps I have.


Kei Gratton