bali - lotus flower

In addition to feeling passionate about the value of leaving one’s comfort zone geographically, I feel equally passionate about the value of the daring adventure of self-inquiry from right here where you are sitting. One of my most loved and trusted avenues for inner questing is the self-study lens of Evolutionary Astrology. It honors human beings as dynamic, changing creatures capable of evolution and the embodiment of the highest potentials.

I received my first Evolutionary Astrology reading in 2008, a year after moving to South Korea to teach English at a university. It was my 31st birthday gift to myself. That reading changed my life. It captivated me, and in the course of an hour and a half expanded the canvas of my inner understanding dramatically. I, suddenly, had a whole lot more information to work with, all of which resonated with me deeply, allowing significant puzzle pieces to fall together and new awareness to light up.

Eight years later, I find it a joyous honor and privilege to get to sit down with people and open up to the vast canvas of the inner life, exploring together the energies at play within the psyche/soul and the high potentials available (as well as shining the light of awareness on potential pitfalls). It’s all about awareness. I love Evolutionary Astrology, as its purpose is to be an empowering and illuminating tool. It puts the power of choice into our own hands.