I love coming to Jessa’s classes. She is warm and welcoming to all. I come for the yoga, which flows at a comfortable pace, and Jessa offers a variety of poses and challenges. But it’s also a time for me to nurture my spirituality, and to be mindful about breath and connecting to my body. Jessa brings unique things to class, from chilled tea made with summer herbs from her garden, to essential oils brought back from a trip to Bali that she passes around class or uses to anoint us during savasana, to a variety of readings that inspire and ground us. Jessa’s class is a time for the mind, body and soul to unite in harmony, and the result is a peace that I can carry with me throughout the rest of the day.



Jan B.

I was hesitant to return to yoga as an older, less coordinated student. However, Jessa’s warm welcome and gentle instruction allowed me to begin to reap the benefits of her Vinyasa classes immediately. Every session I feel both stronger and softer in my body. More importantly, Jessa’s ability to impart the broader gifts of yoga has enabled me to navigate a difficult stage of my life with an unimaginable sense of ease and love.


Anna L.

I’ve been attending Jessa’s classes for about 3 years. She teaches the Sunday morning Slow Flow class at Invisible Bee Yoga Studio in South Minneapolis. She is one of the Bee community’s favorite instructors and her classes are typically full. She is fun, thoughtful, happy and kind, and her classes are upbeat and energizing. 

I just took a special four-week series she taught on Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. There was lots of interaction between the participants, and I really enjoyed the focus on spirituality, and on myself.  All of us were disappointed when the series ended because it was a such a great experience. Jessa makes yoga fun, satisfying and personal. She is a terrific ambassador for its benefits. Consider yourself lucky if you have the chance to take one of her classes!



JoAnn C.

I love Jessa’s intuitive teaching style. Her pacing in getting us warmed up is really great so that when we try to do poses, we do them successfully. I feel like she is really connected with us, and she seems to sense (in addition to seeing it visually) when we’re not doing something quite correctly. Her reminders are dead-on. I really appreciate how she blends meditative and spiritual aspects with the physical poses. She is a fabulous teacher, and I’m so glad I found her!


Nancy Lo

I just experienced a little slice of heaven tonight. Restorative yoga. Have you ever tried it? It is a definite must. The class was lit by just a few tea light candles. They were placed in the center of the room as the night sky grew darker outside the windows of the peaceful studio. Beautiful music played softly in the background as we were gently guided by Jessa’s calm, soothing voice into various nurturing restorative postures. Our bodies were propped by supportive bolsters and blankets, eyes gently weighted with a lavender scented eye pillow…

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Cynthia Zuber

Jessa is a receptive, intuitive, present and wise teacher who understands how to masterfully hold space. During the Dance Journey experience I felt 100% safe and supported in listening to my body, letting it express authentically and exploring new territory within myself. It was fun, wild, freeing, nurturing and transformational. I highly recommend!


Amy Patee

I was hesitant to sign up for a Dance Journey, but something kept whispering to me, so I listened, and I’m so glad I did. Jessa created a safe, beautiful environment, and she skillfully and lovingly guided us through the dance with her wise heart and an amazing playlist.  It was a great journey of love and kindness that uncovered some insights that continue to support me to this day.


Meg B.