Jessa Walters MA, E-RYT, TCTSY-F

“In a fractal conception, I am a cell-sized unit of the human organism, and I have to use my life to leverage a shift in the system by how I am, as much as with the things I do. This means actually being in my life, and it means bringing my values into my daily decision making. Each day…lived on purpose.”

–adrienne maree brown

author of "emergent strategy: shaping change, changing worlds"

My Approach to Evolutionary Astrology


Capricorn Moon Medicine on Saturday, January 29, 2022 at Yess Yoga in Minneapolis, Minnesota (THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO THE OMICRON SURGE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW)


I absolutely loved being in conversation with Vivien Monroe, founder of the Women’s Mystery School, recently (Jan 10, 2022). She has invited me to be part of the WMS Marketplace, which is exclusive to WMS members (and membership is free!). I am offering my Lilith astrological readings for members at a special rate. If you are curious about our conversation, which is mostly about Lilith, astrology and eradicating the patriarchy, please tune in below!