Astrology Classes / Events


Saturday, January 28, 2023

7–9pm Central Time @ Yess Yoga in Minneapolis, MN


Womxn + Genderqueer Magickmakers:

Our evening will begin with an evolutionary astrological exploration of Taurus energy. We’ll explore the high potentials and also possible pitfalls/shadows within the spectrum of Taurus. There will be space for discussion and sharing. Please feel free to bring a journal or notebook if you wish to jot anything down.

Then, we will move into a mostly nonverbal journey into Taurean experience through Organic Movement to Music (with curated Taurean vibes) + Grounding Support Circles. For the circles, we will constellate into smaller groups and each person will have the opportunity to be situated in a comfy nest (lying down or seated, etc) in the center of their small group circle. From this place, they can request the kinds of physical or non-physical/energetic support they’d like to receive from the beings in their group. Physical touch is completely optional – both on the giving side and the receiving.

In a nutshell, the feedback I’ve gotten from people who’ve experienced Grounding Support Circles (sometimes referred to as Healing Circles) is: “Why don’t we gather and do this all the time?!”

TAURUS is the first earth sign of the zodiac…primal earth, animal body, nervous system…and so deeply about learning how to slow down and cultivate moments and practices of simplicity, ease, rest, relaxation, release of tension, nourishment, sensuality (senses alive and aware), pleasure and peace. It’s these states of being that support sustainability. More on all of this when we meet!

Please wear clothing in which you feel most comfortable and at ease. Masks are required for this gathering.


Please submit $45 to reserve your spot via PayPal or Venmo:

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Thank you so much! I will send you a confirmation email once I receive your payment.

Cancellation Policy: There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. You may cancel and receive a full refund, less a $5 processing fee, until 7pm the evening before the event. After that, no refunds will be given.

Mask Policy: Masks are required for this event.

If you have any questions about the Moon Medicine, please email me:


Saturday, September 24, 2022

7–9pm Central Time @ Yess Yoga in Minneapolis, MN

Womxn + Genderqueer Magickmakers:

Under this Virgo Moon, we gather to explore Virgo’s down-to-earth, ever-learning and improving, service-oriented energy in our bodies, minds and hearts through ORGANIC MOVEMENT TO MUSIC followed by a SHARING RITUAL OF HUMILITY & GRATITUDE to honor those (human and more-than-human) who teach us, mentor us and guide us in our evolution, in how to become better human beings…those who illuminate our path and deeply influence our becoming.

Virgo has a great deal to do with the motivation to develop and refine a craft or skill set and the effort, dedication and humility it often takes to do so. If you have a mentor/teacher/guide in this realm that you wish to honor, this is one option.

No matter what area of your life and learning you choose to focus upon, this Virgo Moon ritual is an opportunity, if desired, to express your gratitude and appreciation publicly for one of your teachers, mentors or guides (again, human and/or more-than-human).

Each of us will have the opportunity to offer gratitude in any way we wish…our offerings/expression may be through spoken words, song, gesture, movement, artwork, flowers, food…the possibilities are infinite. As part of your gratitude and honoring of your teacher, please feel free to share with the circle a nugget of your teacher/mentor/guide’s wisdom.

If you’d like, please feel free to bring an item(s) for the altar that represents or reminds you of the teacher/mentor/guide you wish to honor and the gifts they have given/are giving to you. You’re welcome to share about what you bring for the altar as part of your part of the ritual. Each person will have 2-3 minutes for their part. If you have any questions about all of this, please ask!

Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely and perhaps bring layers so you can adjust to temperature.


Saturday, June 4, 2022

7–9pm Central Time @ Yess Yoga in Minneapolis, MN

Womxn + Genderqueer Magickmakers:

Under this Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo, we gather to explore Leo‘s warm, sparky, life-giving energy in our bodies, minds and hearts through organic movement to music followed by a giving and receiving ritual.

Jessa will give a brief talk on the high potentials (and potential pitfalls) of Leo, as well as touch upon the trine aspect that the Moon is making to Chiron.
Please wear comfortable clothing in which you can move freely. And, if you have any rattles, shakers, drums, xylophones 🙂 – any sound/music makers, please bring one (or more to share)!


NEW MOON IN TAURUS WORKSHOP (featuring Trauma-Sensitive Yoga)

Saturday, April 30, 2022

12:30–2:30pm Pacific Time 

via Zoom

The New Moon / Partial Solar Eclipse is exact at 10 degrees Taurus at 1:28pm Pacific (3:28pm Central) on Sat, April 30th. This alignment will occur halfway through the workshop, when we begin the yoga portion of our time together. 🙂
In this workshop, I will give a presentation on the energies of this Taurus New Moon which includes a mix of predominantly Taurus and Pisces, along with the planets Mars, Uranus, Venus and Jupiter.
We will also explore the potentials of this current eclipse season and look back to past eclipses along the Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis, which may be fruitful for understanding what this current eclipse cycle is about for you personally.
There will be time for reflection and optional sharing, then we will move into a gentle Trauma-Sensitive Yoga practice. The practice will center around the invitation to explore personal agency and authentic choice-making (Mars + Uranus), compassionate relationship with ourselves (Venus + Jupiter in Pisces) and interoception, which is the experience of noticing what we are feeling in our bodies (Taurus).
This event will be recorded and everyone who signs up will receive the recording. If you cannot attend live, know that I will send out the recording within an hour or so after the workshop is finished. This workshop is open to all genders.



Saturday, November 13, 2021

7–9pm Central Time @ Yess Yoga

in Minneapolis, MN

Womxn + Genderqueer Magickmakers:

During our evening together, the Moon will be traveling through the vast, oceanic, mystical sign of Pisces. The Moon will also be conjunct Pisces’ planetary ruler (Neptune) while we are together, amplifying the essence of the free-flowing, deep feeling and healing, multi-dimensional, veil-is-thin-between-the-worlds Piscean energy.

We will explore this realm in an embodied way through a dance journey (organic movement to music) inspired to open, connect and uplift body, mind and infinite spirit. Pisces is the realm of boundlessness, euphoria and trance and offers us the invitation to surrender and merge with the moment in pure presence and open-heartedness.

As part of the evening, I will give a short astrological talk on the Pisces Moon/Neptune, and there will be the opportunity for all to briefly share in the larger group. We will close our evening with a salt water ritual. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to feel as at ease as can be in your body.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

7–9pm @ Yess Yoga

Womxn + Genderqueer Magickmakers:

On the night of our gathering, not only will the Moon be traveling through the sign of Scorpio; Venus will have just entered this depth-seeking, taboo-breaking, truth-loving sign of unparalleled intensity, intimacy and capacity for death/rebirth transformation.

Scorpio ushers us into the Underworld realms of our own beings and of society…to further unearth and integrate that which has been hidden, relinquished, scorned and denied. The great power of this inner and communal excavation process is at the core of reclaiming our life force energy, agency and wholeness. It is at the root of paradigms shifting.

Our time together will be an opportunity to experience an embodied journey into this transformative Scorpionic realm through dance (authentic movement to music), group sharing and ritual.


5pm–7pm PDT
Via Zoom
Relating with time through aligning with the rhythm of the Moon’s cycle, we meet on the ‘Moon’day (Monday) before the New Moon each ‘moon’th (month) to look ahead at the cosmic unfoldings during the upcoming Moon cycle.
We will explore the movements (transits) of the planets and other celestial bodies inviting us to come into deeper relationship with their (our) energies and potentials. As above, so below. Through this process, we may begin to experience a tangible, widening sense of interconnection, presence of a larger, intelligent context and cyclical nature within our lives, both personally and collectively.
Each month, Jessa will guide a body/breath-based centering practice to begin, then will move into an evolutionary astrological exploration of the following cosmic stimulus unfolding during the next Moon cycle:
–Planetary (and some Asteroid) Movements into New Signs
–Planetary Retrogrades
–New Moon/Full Moon/Eclipses
–Significant Planetary Aspects (such as the Saturn Uranus square aspect occurring throughout 2021)
These classes will be recorded so you do not need to attend live. The recording (video and audio) will be sent to all who register within an hour after the event.