Astrology Classes / Events



These classes are on pause for the summer!

5pm–7pm PDT
Via Zoom
Relating with time through aligning with the rhythm of the Moon’s cycle, we meet on the ‘Moon’day (Monday) before the New Moon each ‘moon’th (month) to look ahead at the cosmic unfoldings during the upcoming Moon cycle.
We will explore the movements (transits) of the planets and other celestial bodies inviting us to come into deeper relationship with their (our) energies and potentials. As above, so below. Through this process, we may begin to experience a tangible, widening sense of interconnection, presence of a larger, intelligent context and cyclical nature within our lives, both personally and collectively.
Each month, Jessa will guide a body/breath-based centering practice to begin, then will move into an evolutionary astrological exploration of the following cosmic stimulus unfolding during the next Moon cycle:
–Planetary (and some Asteroid) Movements into New Signs
–Planetary Retrogrades
–New Moon/Full Moon/Eclipses
–Significant Planetary Aspects (such as the Saturn Uranus square aspect occurring throughout 2021)
In the upcoming June 7th class, we will explore the astrological energies from the time of the New Moon on June 10th through the time just before the next New Moon on July 9th. Some of those energies will include:
–New Moon in Gemini (Solar Eclipse) / Full Moon in Capricorn

–Mars and Venus moving into Leo

–Neptune Retrograde / Mercury goes Direct
–Sun moving into Cancer (“Cancer Season”)
These classes will be recorded so you do not need to attend live. The recording (video and audio) will be sent to all who register within an hour after the event.


Once your payment is received, Jessa will email you the Zoom link for the event, along with some reference materials. Please make sure to include your email address if she does not already have it. You may include it when you submit payment or contact her here. Payment ($35) may be made through Venmo @Jessa-Walters or Paypal:
Thank you so much!
These classes will occur monthly, on the Monday before each New Moon.


2021 “Astrology of the Moonth Ahead” Event Dates:

January 11, February 8, March 8, April 5, May 10 ––––– Summer Pause ––––– August 30, October 4, November 1, November 29 
You are welcome to attend (or purchase the recording) for any or all of these sessions ($35/each).